Try for free Lean Manufacturing Fundamentals exam.'s Lean Fundamentals test is designed to challenge your knowledge around the basics of lean manufacturing 

Topics will include:

  • Waste and Value
  • What is Lean?
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean History
  • 5S
  • ...and more

Our content is aligned with the Lean Bronze Certification (although it is not taken directly from the body of knowledge)

Study mode is a great way to learn at your own pace - answers are provided after each question.

Challenge mode makes you eligible for the leaderboard with 25 multiple choice questions and a 10-minute time limit.

Note: Clicking on any links during the quiz will create a popup that will ensure your quiz is not interrupted. 

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# Name Score Date
1 Sahil Rampal 92% 2019-03-01
2 Kolia 88% 2019-03-11
3 Daniel 84% 2019-02-18
4 Test 80% 2019-02-28
5 Shakil Ahmed 72% 2019-03-07