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Culture plays a big role in a lean business. Quiz yourself on some of the softer elements of lean manufacturing and see if you are ready to create a lean business!

Topics include:


Cultural Enablers


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1 rfef 100% 2022-06-18
2 Viswam 100% 2022-05-10
3 hi 100% 2022-01-21
4 Arpit 100% 2021-02-08
5 Minato 100% 2020-10-02
6 rubasri 96% 2021-06-21
7 Carrie 96% 2021-04-19
8 Viswanath 92% 2022-06-30
9 Ilaria 88% 2021-03-01
10 Kumar 84% 2021-05-26