Try for free Lean Bronze Certification Practice exam.

Practice Test to help you get ready for Lean Bronze certification (SME, AME, Shingo Institute) Topics include: 

  • Lean History
  • Cultural Enablers
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Business Results
  • Measurement Results
  • and other key elements of the Lean Bronze Body of Knowledge

Each answer is explained in detail to ensure the topic is clear.

Disclaimer: Our custom written content is based off the body of knowledge and core reference material but we are not affiliated nor endorsed by the certifying body.

Study mode is a great way to learn at your own pace - answers are provided after each question.

Challenge mode makes you eligible for the leaderboard with 25 multiple choice questions and a 10-minute time limit.

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Free Downloable Practice Test Sample (PDF) can be found here 

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# Name Score Date
1 Shannon 100% 2019-03-15
2 G.Sperber 100% 2019-03-14
3 Cristi 80% 2019-02-20
4 Rekha gouda 72% 2019-02-22
5 Rv 64% 2019-02-17
6 Albanesa Ymaya 58.33% 2019-02-06
7 Uma 48% 2019-03-04
8 Shannon 36% 2019-03-15
9 Natalie 28% 2019-03-03